Sunday, July 17, 2011

meet me at the seaside where the wild horsies sing..

these are from a shoot with wonderful photographer maria brodkin... we were shooting for like 10 min and then it started raining!! but we got some amazing shots anyway :) hope you like them as much as i do.

Sunday, January 23, 2011


Having another of those rare & giant model crushes right now. This time it's all about Freja. Freja Beha Erichsen. She's Danish, very tall and skinny, slightly boyish and completely stylish. If you're not into girls Freja will change that. Anyway I must confess what attracts me most about these girls is always personality, a pretty face and knock-out body is always nice but doesn't really do it for me. Freja is confident looking even when shy, she's got a powerful stare and magistral control of her body and topping it all a great sense of style (loving that she wears always in black: skinny jeans, big boots, rocker jacket). Although she's a very well known supermodel I never really noticed her before until I took the time to get to know her better, and now I'm completely drowling over her. I'll leave you with a few videos so you can appreciate her in in all of her exterior beauty and interior strenght... even with that fragile looking body, yes.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

images in motion

I thought that after getting my nikon d300, my lenses, my flashes, my macs... I was pretty much done. But oh god I was wrong. Images are ok (though I'm feeling kind of stuck) and I've sorted of filmed video with that obsolete huge sony we have, but now you can have images in motion with that beautiful blurry blackgrounds - I'm thinking a relatively cheap canon 7d with a 50mm 1.4 or even better a 85 1.8 since they're both the same price-; add some matching music and there you have your first deliciously moody (fashion) film. The video quality and the blur effect are so good, I've actually been modeling for some spots in which the 5d was used. You really need no more... 7d is a little cheaper so that would be my choice right now. Oh but I need to save! no more pretty clothes (shoes?) for me in a while... worthy for sure, if I can make it!

PD: Oh if I could only put my hands on the Litas...!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

boot craving

boot craving
boot craving por fashionwilltearusapart con booties shoes

Some of the boots I'd happily spend the winter in...

Left: Jeffrey Campbell
Right: Sam Edelman, Dolce Vitta, 67

moorland by selim de somavilla

so this is it, the whole collection...

moorland by designer selim de somavilla
styling: rebecca rodríguez
make-up&hair: adrián ruiz
model: olga@miah
photo: me :)

Sunday, October 17, 2010

gemma slack ss2011

/ Styling KATE RUTH, Photography KRISTIN VICARI, Model KATE HOWAT @Elite, Hair & MakeUp JAMIEE THOMAS /

Sexual prints in mesh. Black leather. Hatmaziness. Perfect tones. Perfect shapes. And... leg/shoe braces? Oh, PLEASE.

If you're a size 38 you can get that amazing body (yes, the naked torso one) at notjustalabel.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

brands i adore: tba

Officially inauguring this 'brands i adore' section with t.b.a. (to be adored)... suitable, uh? As you can see I'm definitely finding in pixiemarket, if not a good place to shop (uh, little too expensive? oh yeah, and there's also the customs issue for us European fashion junkies), yes a truly great source for discovering new wide exciting brands. And hey, they have an excellent eye for fashion!

Check out this amazing studded leather skirt, sold out at their website but still available at asos (plus on sale!) -if only they had an XS left... *sigh* I can see this combined with everything: semi transparent blouses, lace tops, punk t-shirts... The shape of the skirt must create a powerful waist-hips-legs statement for sure, making any lucky girl look great.

And oh my, I think I want these! Perfect leather shorts, that nice shape again, love the fact that the buckle/belt strap seems to be suitable to be pull off in front or at the back, but still a little hesitant to spend 183€ (urban outfitters). Judge by yourself...

And their camel twins, these ones at asos for slightly less but still practically the same price...

So, sorry kids, done with leather! (you know this moment had to arrive). Now, time for tba's long sleeve mesh overlay pom-pom dresses. Marvelous details about the first (uo): that exquisite gold trims at round neckline and cuffs AND velvet bottom. Marvelous details about the second (tba + uo + asos): it does not only have cute contrat trims and pockets but also features cut-off and detachable sleeves. Fun.

Now, done with mesh... let's concentrate in velvet!

Look at this antique collared dress in beautiful blueish (uo) or redish (asos) tones:

I could keep going and going with sixties and Alice in Wonderland eat-mes...

Well, now you see, tba has it all. I know I want it all!!